Bed In preparations

Only 10 days to go until our slot in the Bluecoat bed in…trying to find some good audio files to go together with the film footage. Crying babies, mosquitoes, jack pot, helicopters, machine guns, fighters, sewing machines, foetus ultrasound and laughing babies; should be an interesting mix. Filming today of Anopheles gambiae (the mosquito that transmits human malaria parasites) adult mosquitoes  at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine with Gina Czarnecki for use in the film, got some good shots with the lens pushed inside the cage sleeve, they were clustering around the lens trying to get a bloodmeal much to Gina’s consternation!  Gina going away to do some black magic mix on the film with Sam Meech.


Bed In at the Bluecoat Liverpool UK

The project ‘Bed Nets Not Bombs’ is part of the John Lennon Tribute Bed-In at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, England.

The aim of the art performance by Drs Rod Dillon and Viv Dillon, which takes place on Saturday November 13th, is to entertain, promote debate and inform people about the money spent on warfare in contrast to the money that could be spent on positive peace processes that would result in enhancing world security. We will use simple imaging and playful action to inform people about the massive epidemics of tropical diseases spread by insects. In particular how the simple, effective use of a bednet can save countless lives by preventing people from being bitten by infectious insects whilst asleep at night.