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Post Bed-In Bed Net Blues

I learnt a few things on saturday watching the public walk past Viv and I during our Bed-In:

1) I have discovered a whole new world of performance art and I love it.
2) I realised that there giving good lectures and lab practical sessions to students often include elements of performance art. I noticed whether people were being engaged or bored and you get into that ‘zone’ where the audience is 100% with you.
3) Being inside a bed net and sharing a bed with someone is very good for breaking down barriers…..
4) Beds in art galleries and public spaces should be encouraged.


Request for questions for Bednets: Their role in World Peace

Yes well the title is a tad ambitious but…

Bed net research in action. Photo Dr J Morgan

We know that there are quite a few people who disagree with the idea of encouraging the use of Bednets for prevention of insect transmitted disease. Is encouraging donations for bed nets just a way of salving peoples’ conscience about helping the “poor in Africa”? Or it about working alongside communities to help them determine their health and wellbeing? We will be having a discussion about these questions during the afternoon of our Bed-In @ Bluecoat Liverpool.

We welcome comments and questions for our discussion; responses will be posted on these pages.