Great day in Bed

We had a great day in Bed at the Bluecoat Liverpool yesterday as part of the Lennon tribute season. Set up the bamboo frame at 9.30 and all ready for the start at 11.  Many thanks to Gina for getting the film together; for me the sight of a harrier jump jet appearing through the cage netting next to a female sandfly was amazing. The juxtaposition of the images of bloodsucking insects and military aircraft combined with the overlaying of the insect sounds, children crying and audio recordings of the war in Iraq was overwhelming.  This weekend is a time of remembrance for the war dead.  Every day the equivalent of 7 jumbo jets full of children die a horrific death from malaria. We need to wage war on poverty and mosquito-borne disease.


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I am a lecturer and research scientist in the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University. I have spent my career studying relationships between humans, insects, microbes and parasites. I am increasingly interested in the relationship between art and science and use my background in science research to develop collaborative arts projects. View all posts by Sandflyman

One response to “Great day in Bed


    thank you rod, i thought we were really lucky to get the saturday slot – so many people passing hoped to finish the day off with a beer. however,
    ill get the docu done and yousendittoyou

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