Film finished for ‘Bed nets not bombs’

Gina Czarnecki finished rendering off the film late last night and dropped off the copy for me at the school of tropical medicine. I got goose bumps viewing it. If you are in Liverpool tomorrow 13th nov, it’s a treat not to be missed!

We will be combining the film with performance in which I will be acting out the role of technician spraying the net with insecticide (actually citronella aromotherapy oil mist). The second part is when I cut holes in the net using scissors and forceps then ask a member of the audience to sew up the hole in the net. Whats it all mean? Well what do you think? This is a production by LAB C.


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I am a lecturer and research scientist in the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University. I have spent my career studying relationships between humans, insects, microbes and parasites. I am increasingly interested in the relationship between art and science and use my background in science research to develop collaborative arts projects. View all posts by Sandflyman

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